Can I Move Google Photos To My Storage Device?

You can move the Google Photos on your storage device very easily. Here some easiest steps are given to moving all your photos from Google photos.

Why do you need to move the Google photos to your storage device?

Following are the most necessary to move the Google photos to your storage device.

  • If you really care about the security and privacy of your photos
  • Either you can use the Storage device to move google photos if you don’t would like to pay Google.
  • Also, you move photos from google photos to your storage device if you have a Synology Network-Attached Server.

So, these are the reasons and need to move all the photos through Google photos into your Storage device. The overall working of the Storage device is performing with the internet connection. So, you will connect your find my synology with the internet to moving your all the Google photos very easily.

Why do you use a Storage Device to Move Google Photos To My Storage Device?

The Synology storage system is the best way to store all the secure data and pictures in a safe place. It is just collecting all the reliable data in one place. It works over the wifi connection and you can easily share all your pictures just over the internet anywhere. Apart from this, Synology provides you with the best alternative that is also known as Synology Photos. The Synology wireless storage devices work “well”. To be meticulous, Synology DSM is the operating system that is necessarily used like the photos app. It was known as a photos app of Synology Moments, while in version 7. All the included photos of the Synology devices are known as Synology Photos.

Use 5 Steps To Move Google Photos To My Storage Device

Following are the simplest, quick, or rough guides given below on moving all the photos to Google Photos on your storage device. Let’s follow this below given simple process.

  • First of all, you connect your PC, mobile phone, and Smart storage device with a connection to the network. After this open on your phone a Google Takeout. It is a unified and the best cooperative service to download and move all your photos or other data from Google servers.
  • After this, you just choose just all the Google photo albums that you would like to move and download to your storage device.
  • You just select all the photos and just click on the download link.
  • After this, just tap on download or move all photos on your Synology network-Attached storage device. You’ll require a browser system for this. Apart from this, you can also use another client for it like Google Firefox, Google, Browser, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla, etc. Open it and search the login interface to access all the Google photos into your network storage attached device. Click on the SSH to your Synology NAS and remove the archives.
  • Finally, you click on the Rsync all the Google photos to move them all to the right folder. It easily helps you to share all the data very suitably.

Treacherous, of all its all above given steps according to you? Don’t worry, just follow up the steps in a series, it may surely help you to access all the google photos on your storage devices. There are a lot of people including me who all take a lot of months to use the process perfectly, but right now I am not scared, just completely happy with it and I have basically finished the migration. Eventually, it’s not that challenging but it will need some practice and time. Be prepared.

Final Thoughts

If you really want to transfer and move all the photos through Google photos into your storage device, firstly connect all the devices with storage and a well-built connection to the network. After that, go on the browser and finish the synology ds220+ setup. Now, you have to click on the Download and move a backup from Google Takeout. It helps you to download all the pics from the Google photos into your Storage device.

After accessing or downloading all the files directly on the NAS, you can easily protect all the pictures. Also, you can share all the pictures of your NAS anywhere. It’s easy to transmit your pictures very safely anywhere.

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